Christmas iPhone Apps Sale

December 16, 2014 Japan Standard Time

Winter holidays are approaching! Let's enjoy RPG gaming at only $0.99!
KEMCO is pleased to announce its Christmas iPhone™ apps sale for 8 titles!


8 KEMCO titles for iPhone will be priced down to $0.99 (88-90%OFF) for a limited period of time on the App Store! The sale started on December 16th and will last until Christmas at least! If you love JRPGs and smartphone gaming, why not give yourself some Christmas present!

RPG Alphadia Genesis
$9.99 -> $0.99

RPG Fanatic Earth
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Soul Historica
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Chrome Wolf
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Chronus Arc
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Bonds of the Skies
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Fortuna Magus
$7.99 -> $0.99

RPG Link of Hearts
$7.99 -> $0.99

Note: The sale will be available in some regions which officially support the App Store, with the price shown in each respective currency. Please check the App Store to see the availability of our games in your region.
The sale price might take some time to be applied depending on the marketplace and the region where you live. Please check the price on your device before purchasing.

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