General Issues

  • Q. The app has no sound.

    A. Please check the following:

    - The BGM, SE volume level inside the app option is not turned off.
    - The volume level of the device is not turned off.
    - Your device is not in silent mode.
    - If the problem persists after having rebooted your device.
    - If other non-KEMCO apps have sound.

  • Q. I purchased some in-app purchase items, but they don't appear in game.

    A. Please check if the following measures work for you:

    - Before attempting to renew the points, make sure to sign in to iTunes under the same account you used to purchase the points.
    - Switch off and restart the device again.
    - Check once more if you can get the points updated by refreshing the **P(point name) in the in-app purchase shop found in the game menu.

    Please note that sometimes it take some time before the purchase is reflected in the game. The time it takes to have the points updated and reflected differs from the environment that the players are in, and it is influenced by the server. We recommend to check again after few days.

  • Q. The app crashed and I lost all data. Is it possible to recover from data loss?

    A. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover any lost data at the moment.
    Sometimes your phone settings or other applications running in the background can interfere with the app. If you have experienced forced closure of the application (which happens, e.g. when your device runs out of power), it can sometimes result in corruption of save data, in which case we cannot be held responsible for abovementioned data loss, as stated in our End User License Agreement.

General Questions

  • Q. I'm stuck in the game. / I need walk-throughs.

    A. We provide support to bugs and malfunctions. We do not provide game tips, walk-throughs or strategy guides.
    Checking again if some event is not missed nearby and checking every corner of towns and dungeons might help solve the challenge. Also, sometimes our apps feature some useful advice that can be found in the Menu.

  • Q. What's your next release? / When is the next release is coming out? / When is A coming out on B platform? / Will A be ported to B platform? / Will A be compatible with B platform?

    A. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal or guarantee anything about new features, updates, platforms or price changes.
    Please stay tuned on our news through our website, social networks and newsletters.

  • Q. Is it possible to download the game on a different device without paying again?

    A. You should be able to download the app as many times as you want by signing in to iTunes under the same account you used to purchase the game. Before attempting to download the app, please make sure to sign in to iTunes under that account.
    However, please note that there is no way to transfer any save data at the moment, including in-app purchased items which are consumable items associated with the save data. Therefore, you will need to start the game from the beginning each time you download it on a different device.

  • Q. Can I transfer in-app purchase items to different devices? / Can I uninstall the app and get in-app purchases back later?

    A. In-app purchases are not transferrable across devices, will be lost forever if you uninstall or wipe your phone, and are non-refundable.

  • Q. I have purchased the app, but I want a refund.

    A. Due to the App Store policy, developers cannot refund any purchases made on the App Store, as Apple generally performs this procedure.
    We recommend contacting the App Store support, including any information about your purchase with as much detail as possible.

  • Q. The price is different from the one shown in the description.

    A. There are slight variations in price for different regions due to many reasons, and it's not always possible to specify those differences for every available region in a market description. That is why we have a small note added in the market descriptions as "The actual price might differ depending on the region." Please check the real price in your region on the transaction screen.

  • Q. Please translate this game into a new language.

    A. There is no plan to localize our games to a new language outside English at the moment. Should we have any occasional opportunity, we will consider it.

  • Q. Do KEMCO games support external bluetooth controllers?

    A. At the moment, most of our games do not officially support external bluetooth controllers unless it's specified in the market description of the game.

  • Q. The game is not available in my country.

    A. Unfortunately our applications are not available in some countries at the moment. We cannot guarantee anything, but it might change in the future. When that time comes, hopefully you will enjoy our games.