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Together We Live for Steam: A visual novel game where a girl continues to die and journeys through a world on the brink of destruction

Together We Live for Steam

December 21, 2023 - KEMCO announces the release of Together We Live for Steam™ set to hit each regional storefront today. Standard price is USD 9.99 for the main game, USD 5.99 for the soundtrack available as DLC. A special 35% off launch promotion is made available for the main game until Jan 4th, 2024.

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Kyoya awakens in a dimly lit room. According to the girl who happened to pass by, the world has perished. Reluctant to believe, Kyoya sets off with the girl to search for other living beings, journeying through the ruined world together. However, the girl had a purpose.

"The Girl's Purpose"
To atone for the sins of humanity, she must continue to die. Again and again, dozens of times, hundreds of times, thousands of times, tens of thousands of times. She dies and then comes back to life. As he watches her, who knows only suffering, Kyoya starts to desire to teach her about happiness.

OST and Bundle

An original soundtrack is also made available as a DLC, with the option to buy the main game and the OST as a bundle! Experience the end-of-the-world scenario accompanied by a soundtrack.



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