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Special RPG Sale for Nintendo Switch: Antiquia Lost at 30%OFF!


May 31, 2018 - KEMCO proudly announces a special sale for Antiquia Lost for Nintendo Switch on the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop today. The game will be made available for just USD 9.09 / EUR 9.09 (30%OFF) for a limited time.

Antiquia Lost

Bine, a young man who lives in a small rural village, spends his days peacefully, doing jobs and dealing with demons for the villagers. One day, he is asked by Lunaria, a girl who lives near the village, to go with her to the royal capital.
After a journey full of surprises, the two of them arrive at the capital. They are thrilled to be in the city for the first time, but they are greeted by one of the castle soldiers who are supposed to protect the citizens.
With more and more disappearances occurring, the rulers' expectations are mixed.
And there is a forgotten existence, too...

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The sale will be available in the regions which officially support the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop, with the price shown in each respective currency.
Please check the price on your device before purchasing.

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