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Retro Sale for PlayStation®: Save 48%OFF on one of the KEMCO's best retro RPG!


February 10, 2020 - KEMCO is proud to announce that Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend for PlayStation® is currently discounted on the North American and European PlayStation Store. The offer is at 48%OFF for a limited time!

Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend 48%OFF

Set out in search of the legendary weapons to free the world from the rule of Wyrmvarg!

Employing 8-bit graphics and sound that hark back to the golden era of RPGs, Dragon Sinker brings a visual and audio feast to the table of hungry gamers starving for the nostalgia of the great classics of yesteryear!

Scour the world in search of new companions and collect more than 16 jobs! Then lead up to 12 party members into turn-based battles and swap freely between 3 teams to take on a host of powerful foes! And if that were not exciting enough, character costumes also change according to their job, giving pixel lovers something even more to look forward to!

Dragon Sinker for PlayStation Dragon Sinker for PlayStation Dragon Sinker for PlayStation
PS4 (US) | PS Vita (US) | PS4 (EU)

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The sale will be available in the regions which officially support each regional PlayStation Store, with the price shown in each respective currency.
Please check the price on your device before purchasing.

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