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RPG Revenant Dogma for Nintendo Switch™ & Steam: Will divine power lead to prosperity or destruction?

Revenant Dogma for Nintendo Switch

October 4, 2018 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Revenant Dogma for the Nintendo Switch system set to hit the Nintendo eShop and for Steam today. Standard prices are USD 12.99 / EUR 12.99 / GBP 11.69.


Humans have attained divine strength through the power of holy beasts, while therians worship different beings known as feral gods. As the two races try to thrive in harmony, a foul stench arises. The main hero, Caine, infiltrates a ruins site and finds a mysterious girl in a mask. This girl has the same black wings as a feral god...! This strange encounter becomes the catalyst of a grand scheme that will change the worlds of humans and therians. Will divine power lead to prosperity or destruction... Find out as this epic story unfolds!

Dynamic Battle Experience

Experience 3D battles full of dynamic ambiance featuring Transformation that enable various skills and Bursts that can deal massive damage.

Various Weapon Customizations

Weapons can be fully customized for stronger attack power or imbued with various effects. Forged weapons can be sold for gold or broken down for reinforcing material. Utilizing weapons effectively will be monumental in your adventure.

Conquer the Labyrinth

Featuring a labyrinth of unknown origins with different difficulty levels! The labyrinth changes every time it is entered, and rare weapons can be found within. Explore this dungeon and make it to the hardest difficulty.

Supporting Platforms

Revenant Dogma is currently also available on mobile, Xbox One and PlayStation as well!



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