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Raging Loop for Android™: Hang the wolves! What awaits at the end of the looping...?

Raging Loop for iPhone/Android

April 22, 2021 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Raging Loop, a psychological horror visual novel set to hit the Google Play Store™ today. Standard price is $29.99.


Can you survive by solving the mysteries of the death loop and tragedies?!

When the evening mist comes, that's the sign of a murder ritual "the Feast of the Yomi-Purge" beginning! Repeat the death loop, experience the tragedies, and solve the mystery of paranormal phenomenon.
A psychological horror visual novel, boldly interpreting the "Mafia/Werewolf".

What awaits at the end of the looping...?

Beautiful Illustrations of Werewolf Village

At the marginal settlement of Yasumizu where the story takes place, unbelievable sights lay out. Shocking story that deeply moves readers' emotion are illustrated vividly and gorgeously!


- Popular "Mafia/Werewolf" game interpreted daringly
- Large-scale modern horror & psychological thriller visual novel
- To escape from the death loop and the tragedies, make a good use of Scenario Chart
- Discover Keys via a looping phenomenon, and unlock new routes
- Incredibly voluminous text
- Beautiful illustrations
- Japanese voice acting (*Can be turned off)

Age Ratings

ESRB: Mature 17+: Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Crude Humor
PEGI: PEGI 18: Sex, Strong Language



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