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RPG Raging Bytes for Android™: Pre-registration is available today! A story-driven zombie RPG!

Raging Bytes for iPhone/Android

March 17, 2023 - KEMCO proudly announces that Raging Bytes is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store™ today. Pre-register right now in order not to miss out on this fantastic release!


A police officer, Ben, awakens in hospital after an accident to find the city overrun by zombies! What in the world is going on here? Can the government be relied on? Do any other survivors remain? Ben stumbles upon a doctor named Barbra while struggling through zombie-infested streets. Together, they make their way to Ben's police station, but only more horror awaits them.

Can you survive the raging b"y"tes of the zombies?


- A story-driven plot akin to that of zombie movies
- A byte of horror without all the gore
- Attractive characters full of drama
- Turn-based battles with satisfying depth
- Find supplies in all kinds of places
- No in-app purchases!


Written and supervised by:Jiro Ishii


ESRB Teen: Violence, Blood, Use of Alcohol
PEGI 16: Strong Violence



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