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RPG Infinite Links for iPhone/Android™: Embark on an adventure of magic Talismans to save your sister from an evil curse!

Infinite Links for iPhone/Android

October 7, 2021 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Infinite Links set to hit the Google Play Store™ and App Store today. Standard price is $7.99 for Google Play, $6.99 for the App Store. A freemium edition with in-game ads that can be removed through in-app purchases is also made available on Google Play in selected countries.

Find the Divine Talisman

Talismans are magical items that contain great power. Even Talismans that can grant any desire exist throughout the world. Kronos, a boy training as a wizard, and Serene, who consider one another as siblings, become enveloped in a Talisman conspiracy.

Make use of the Skill Board to unlock fatal moves!

Equipping Talismans to the Skill Board to acquire various skills and fatal moves depending on their arrangement. There are also support effects to benefit your party.

Forge the strongest equipment

Weapons, armor and Talismans are upgraded with materials. Disassemble unused Talismans into fragments that provide powerful effects. Equip upgraded weapons with Talisman fragments to fine-tune their power.

Battles of formations, traps and elements!

From boosting physical damage to enabling counterattacks, use a variety of formations to your advantage in battle! Beware of traps that trigger based on enemy or allied positions.

Receive huge rewards from challenges!

The Arena, side quests, monster achievements... There are a variety of challenges that can grant abundant rewards!



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