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RPG Djinn Caster for Android™&iPhone: A fantasy action RPG of far foreign lands now goes free-to-play! It's time to hack & slash!

Djinn Caster for Android/iPhone

October 5, 2017 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of the Freemium edition of Djinn Caster set to hit the Google Play Store™ and App Store today. The freemium app is made available for free!


Lost somewhere in the endless stretches of desert, the cities of Dulshara were once a land of peace. Yet, one day, the Sultan's ache for power replaced harmony with torment and fear. When young man Elmir stumbles upon a dagger infused with an ancient power called "Djinn", he suddenly finds himself caught somewhere between myth and scandal. Join Elmir and the Djinns' rise to revolution! How will you fight both the secrets of the desert and the sultan?

Thrilling Interactive Battles

During battle, you will be able to utilize both the power of swords as well as the mystic power of the Djinn. The more you combat, the more deadly the abilities are that you can unlock. You will also be able to hand select which Djinn accompany you into battle! Whether you choose Djinn of power, defense, or tactics, how you battle is your decision. May you survive the sands of the desert!

Become One With the Desert...

Combat in a variety of dungeons crawling with everything from creepy crawlies to spooky monsters from beyond the grave. Travel throughout the lands of Dulshara: explore big and small cities, participate in exciting mini-games, enjoy special events, and aid your friends and fellow citizens with subquests as you discover all that Dulshara has to offer in this action RPG game! Along the way, you may even make a lifelong friend or two.


Djinn Caster for Android/iPhone Djinn Caster for Android/iPhone Djinn Caster for Android/iPhone


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