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Chroma Quaternion for PS5™/PS4™: Physical edition arrives with Limited Run Games!

Chroma Quaternion

November 1, 2022 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of the physical packages of Chroma Quaternion available through Limited Run Games. The game is made available for pre-orders for PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4 on Nov. 4th, 2022. Standard price is $34.99. PS5 pre-orders will be open and PS4 copies are LIMITED. For more information, please visit


In a world with four kingdoms, each colored by a season, where roles are granted by the Quadeities, strange happenings suddenly threaten the peace there. A quest begins to find each one's calling in this intrigued fate and journey through the kingdoms to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Make use of up to three roles per character to enjoy the variety in skills, effects and even costumes. In turn-based battles you can charge special orbs to use Act Over and launch up to four continuous actions. It's fun just to watch the charm of pixel arts in this fantasy JRPG!

Age Ratings

ESRB Everyone 10+: Fantasy Violence | In-Game Purchases

Chroma Quaternion for PS5/PS4


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