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RPG Blood of Calamity for Android™: Ancient Japan meets fantasy in this new Japanese style RPG!

Blood of Calamity for Android

May 1, 2015 - Hihashihiroshima, JAPAN - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Blood of Calamity set to hit the Google Play Store™ today. Standard price is $7.99, but to celebrate the release it is made available for just $3.99.


Hoshu Washin is a nation ruled by four clans. Among them is the Totsuki clan, which is one day attacked by mysterious beings in Oni Masks. The attackers appeared to be yokai that were under the control of someone or something. Young Kenshiro, the Totsuki clan's ruler-in-waiting, sets off on a journey in pursuit of them. The Clan Specials passed down through the bloodlines of the great clans... Will they lead the nation to salvation or ruin...?

Devastating Attacks: Clan Specials

Use the ESP you've accumulated from previous attacks to unleash devastating special moves known as Clan Specials. These Clan Specials exhibit different effects and abilities depending on the character that unleashes them, so using the right Clan Special at the right time can sometimes be enough to push even the most powerful yokai to the brink. The fate of each battle is all up to you!

Utilize Character Deployment

After performing an action in battle, a character can be turned counterclockwise. You can also move characters that you want to have attack from the front to the back row during the enemy's turn, as well as change the deployment of your characters to suit their strengths. This makes the battles you fight easier than they might otherwise be! Place panels, known as Mandara, that allow you to boost your stats and/or abilities as well as plan your movements carefully to ensure that you and your party emerge victorious in battle.

Choose which Stats to Boost

It's up to you to decide which stats you'll boost with the TP you earn from battles and which of your character's abilities you'll choose to augment. Whatever you ultimately decide on will impact the skills your characters acquire.


Blood of Calamity for Android Blood of Calamity for Android Blood of Calamity for Android


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