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RPG Asdivine Cross for PS4™ and Nintendo Switch™ Another stand-alone RPG from the Asdivine series hits PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Asdivine Cross for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch

April 22, 2021 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Asdivine Cross for PlayStation®4 and for the Nintendo Switch™ system set to hit each regional storefront today. Standard price is $14.99. Please visit each storefront to check available launch promotions.

A Larger-Than-Life Fantasy RPG

Follow in the footsteps of Harvey as he sets out on an adventure with a trio of heroines at his side, and all the while being led by divine guidance and even fate itself! Moreover, through his interactions with his companions, will Harvey's relationship with them blossom as a rose or wilt like a daisy?! Find out in this stand-alone title in the ever-popular Asdivine series!

Smite Hordes of Enemies to the Dust!

Fill the Trust Gauge or combine magic and skills to create powerful combos and then let loose on the enemy with a barrage of eye-popping attacks that are sure to paint the battlefield with some of the most visually impressive moves yet! Add an auto-battle function that includes various tactics into the mix and battles have never been such a breeze! What is more, adjustable difficulty settings give players the freedom to play Asdivine Cross how they want to play!

Learn Enemy Skills!

Having the characteristic ability to learn both magic and skills enemies use on her, one of the heroines named Lucile can rack up a whopping 200+ kinds for her own use!

Extra Content that Builds on that of its Predecessors!

Weapon upgrades, a battle arena for the toughest of the tough, plenty of post-game content, and so on bring everything to the table players have come to expect from the Asdivine series and a whole lot more! Now it is time to suit up and set out on an adventure like never before!

Age Ratings

ESRB: Teen: Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes | In-game Purchases
PEGI: PEGI 12: Sexual Innuendo | In-game Purchases


Asdivine Cross for Xbox One Asdivine Cross for Xbox One Asdivine Cross for Xbox One


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