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RPG Alphadia Genesis 2 for PlayStation®: What is the true face of justice? Find it out in an RPG full of drama and hope!

Alphadia Genesis 2 for PS5 and PS4

August 6, 2021 - KEMCO proudly announces the release of Alphadia Genesis 2 for PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 set to hit the PlayStation™Store today. Standard price is USD 14.99, supporting Cross-Buy between the PS5™ and PS4™ versions. PS Plus users will receive a special 10% OFF discount during the first two weeks! For more information, please visit each storefront.


White energi- the sacred power of life; and black energi- the chaotic power of destruction.
When the Empire launches a ruthless campaign of genocide against all Atramians (those said to be infected with black energi), a young man by the name of Dion is caught up in the midst of it all only to witness his father's untimely death as his village burns to the ground. Yet are Atramians the real threat they are portrayed to be or are there more sinister forces at work? Discover the true face of evil as this next chapter in the Alphadia series reaches to new heights and weaves the convictions of many into a story filled with belief, sacrifice, revenge, and ultimately hope!

Evolved 3D battles

Dynamic camera angles and character voices when using skills are just a few of the many ways Alphadia Genesis 2 improves on the battle system of its predecessor and raises it to a whole new level. In addition to a user interface dedicated to ease of play on smartphones, it is also now possible to adjust the encounter rate.

Not your typical poetic justice

With its portrayal of raw emotions and profound undercurrents, Alphadia Genesis 2 shapes up to be one story worthy to be called a dramatic, orthodox JRPG! Now is your chance to stand in the shoes of those fighting for what they believe in and discover why!

Deal heavy damage by enhancing attacks

When using normal attacks or energi, boosts can be used to increase hit count and strength. The more boost slots used, the greater the effects!

Jobs & energi

Depending on the job, the energi a character can both learn and use changes. Among these, there is even said to be a hidden job!

Age Ratings

ESRB Teen: Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes | In-game Purchases
PEGI 12: Sexual Innuendo | In-game Purchases


Alphadia Genesis 2 for Xbox One Alphadia Genesis 2 for Xbox One Alphadia Genesis 2 for Xbox One


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