KEMCO Post-E3 Announcement - 2013

June 17th, 2013 Japan Standard Time
E3 2013
KEMCO is pleased to announce RPG Alphadia Genesis,
the brand-new RPG unveiled at E3 2013 which took place June 11-13, 2013 in Los Angeles.
Alphadia Genesis will first arrive this summer in Japan
and it is expected to hit the international market this winter!

Alphadia Genesis / Story

Lagoon: a quiet, peaceful world, and a world where the life energy known as 'Energi' is abundant. In the past, humans fought with each other over this Energi, craving it for their own ambitions. In the end, this fighting led to the conflict known as the 'Energi War'.
Finally, exhausted from the war, humans laid down their weapons and called an end to the conflict. However, a difficult question remained: the question of what should be done with the 'clones', artificial life forms created for fighting. In the end, though, a decision was reached. The clones were programmed with a control code to remove their ability to fight, and they lived alongside humans.
Fifteen years later… the clones are supposed to be under control, but suddenly, a shocking incident occurs: one of the clones kills its master. Two of the lands which have in the past been hostile enemies come to regard this incident as a threat to the peaceful existence of the human race, and cooperate to form a survey party to investigate the incident. Frey and his survey party journey around the whole of Lagoon investigating the mystery surrounding why the clones ran amok, but in doing so they come across a horrifying plot that threatens to lead to a disaster even greater than that of the Energi War…

Alphadia Genesis, Role Playing Game
※All graphics terms, characters and elements are subject to change in the actual product.

Alphadia Genesis / Outline

The name 'Alphadia' has a special resonance for us at KEMCO. Our 'Alphadia' JRPGs are full of striking characteristics, such as an extensive playing time, a deep and immersive storyline, an expansive world, a wide range of quests, impressively powerful battle scenes, formidable dungeons, and beautiful-but-melancholic music. The 'Alphadia' titles have been legendary hits over the years, and are the JRPGs which really set the standard for us at KEMCO.
This year, we at KEMCO are proud to introduce a brand new 'Alphadia'.
The most striking characteristic of the new 'Alphadia Genesis' is the 3D rendering of the battle scenes. The game takes full advantage of the 3D processing capabilities of modern smartphones (Android/iOS) to deliver incredibly smooth and realistic battle scenes. So many gamers have been waiting for this development, and we are certain you will not be disappointed! You will be mesmerized by the fierce battles with the monsters and clones which appear throughout the lands of Lagoon, and by the beauty of the Energi Skills. On the other hand, the traditional command-based method of conducting battles has been retained, and the field screens, depicted in wonderful 2D graphics, are real works of art.
For gamers who have so long been impatient for JRPG titles which incorporate advances even while remaining true to the traditions of the genre, the new 'Alphadia' will surely be- just as the previous 'Alphadia' titles were- the beginning of a new legend. The title- 'Alphadia Genesis'- really says it all.

Alphadia Genesis, Role Playing Game
※All graphics terms, characters and elements are subject to change in the actual product.

Alphadia Genesis / E3 Teaser Trailer

※All graphics terms, characters and elements are subject to change in the actual product.


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