Silver Nornir for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

April 18th, 2013 Japan Standard Time

Silver Nornir for iOS
The world is reborn after an eternity of time, and the history of a new age begins.
KEMCO proudly announces the release of 'Silver Nornir' set to hit the App Store™ today!
The normal price is $8.99, but to celebrate the release it is downloadable for just $2.99!


The peacekeeper could not save the world from destruction in the 2nd Age.
After an eternity of time, the world enters its 3rd Age. Meet Prince Ein, the young and immortal Elena, a half ogre girl with the power to read minds, Alicia, and many other characters in the world of Silver Nornir.
Their pasts, thoughts, and desires come together to build an exciting story and adventure...

Silver Nornir, Role Playing Game

Experience Epic Battles with a Wide Side-Scrolling Screen

Choose the best battle formation for any encounter and feel the intensity of battles with a screen that scrolls widely.
Your battle rating changes depending on how you proceed in each fight, and you get bonus experience and gold with higher ratings. Go for the gold and aim for the best rating!

6 Types of Magic Gems

Choose from 6 types of elemental magic gems and equip them to enable skills with that attribute. You can equip up to 3 gems. Equipping gems affects your stats as well, so mix and match to find the perfect combination! Magic gems also gain battle experience, so level them up along with your character!

In-App Points Add to the Gameplay

You can use in-app points to get various rare items that assist you in your game.
There is even a special dungeon that can be exclusively unlocked with in-app points!

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