RPG Machine Knight for iPhone and iPod Touch

July 1st, 2013 Japan Standard Time

Machine Knight for iOS
What choice will a young man, betrayed by his own country, make in another world…?
KEMCO proudly announces the release of RPG Machine Knight set to hit the App Store™ today!
The normal price is $6.99, but to celebrate the release it is downloadable for just $2.99!


A young man named Frain traveled to another world to save his own, risking his life. But he was betrayed by his own country.
Why was he betrayed? Can he ever return to his own world?
Authentic fantasy RPG in a serious story with feeling and deception at every turn.

Machine Knight, Role Playing Game

Lots of fun "play styles" to try

Using the “Machina Board,” which is like a Parcheesi board, you'll learn various jobs and skills. Players can build their characters freely.
Additionally, there are lots of fun elements including strengthening weapons with collected materials and exploring extra dungeons as well as the main story.

System you can play intuitively

The simple, orthodox battle screen allows you to easily play the game intuitively without needing lots of explanation. You can enjoy various attacks without being stressed.

Additional elements are available

Via online in-app-purchase, you can purchase additional elements to make your game more fun. Of course, you can play the main story of the game to the end even without additional charges.

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