Mom Hid My Game!

It's time to start hunting!

The game is released! Get ready for all the funny levels that are waiting for you!
Mom Hid My Game! for Nintendo 3DS Mom Hid My Game! for Nintendo 3DS Mom Hid My Game! for Nintendo 3DS

Release Date Announced!

We are excited to announce the release date of both editions set to hit the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop on December 21st, 2017! Don't forget to check out on the Nintendo eShop before the Holidays so you can have the funniest game to show to your family and friends!

Trailers revealed!

Mom Hid My Game! for New Nintendo 3DS & Nintendo Switch

The smash-hit puzzle game series that achieved more than 15 million downloads on smartphones will arrive to the New Nintendo 3DS family of systems and Nintendo Switch system later this winter! Some exclusive new levels are included!

Mom Hid My Game!

Mom Hid My Game! Gameplay Mom Hid My Game! Gameplay
* Screenshots are of the Nintendo 3DS version.

About hap Inc.hap Inc.

hap Inc. is the creator of the original game series released on smartphones. Its applications have achieved more than 40 million downloads. Thanks to the collaboration between hap Inc. and KEMCO, the series' port to console has come true.